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Many have been touched by His miracles! Tell us about yours...

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19. Evang. Val was in our church in London and preached on February 11, 2009. The power of God was so much in the church that people were falling down under anointing. I fell down and throughout that night my body was shaking after I left the Church. I never felt that way before and since then, I have been revived and now have a renewed relationship with the Holy Spirit. Evang. Val is a true anointed man of God.
Pat O.
London, UK
20. I was diagonised with osteomylites ( infection of the bones in the spine)about 3months ago that causes severe pains in my ten fingers, so severe i could not write. My hands shake all the timeand i was placed on antibiotics 3 times a week. On the last sunday of November, a word of knowledge came from Pastor Val that God healed someone with spine problem. I knew immediately that it was for me and when i went to the doctor that week, the doctor confirmed that the infection has cleared up. Praise the Lord.
Kenny S
21. Our God is indeed the "God of increase".The year 2007 was our year of increase and the Lord faithfully added to my family twin boys(Daniel and David).Thanks be to God.
Roselyn Okorie
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