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Many have been touched by His miracles! Tell us about yours...

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16. Pastor Val, After receiving prayer for my elderly mother, she has begun to have a true spiritual awakening in her life, at almost 88yrs of age. She is a righteous woman but God has been visiting her and she's begun to war in the Spirit, which is something she's never walked in before. She's having great visions and dreams and I can see that she has truly broken through to a new level in God. She's been in depression for awhile and she is no more complaining or discouraged. She is empowered by the Holy Ghost! Thank you so much for your prayers. Helen Davies
Rev Helen Davies
Dallas, TX
17. Pastor Val, I was in your programm at Hornchurch London and I felt the power of God run through my body. I would love to rekindle and keep alive the baptism.
Jude I
18. Evang. Val was in our church in London and preached on February 11, 2009. The power of God was so much in the church that people were falling down under anointing. I fell down and throughout that night my body was shaking after I left the Church. I never felt that way before and since then, I have been revived and now have a renewed relationship with the Holy Spirit. Evang. Val is a true anointed man of God.
Pat O.
London, UK
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