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Many have been touched by His miracles! Tell us about yours...

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4. "There is free lunch with God" Month of August, The Lord used our Pastor to declare the month for "Supernatural upgrade" from 1 Samuel 2:8 and I received an upgrade. I usually book my part-time job months in advance through my agency and in August, I was preparing for my American Board of Internal Medicine Exam and I felt I had not studied as well as I should and I was meant to work night shifts for a week. Considering that I was under contract, I did not want to breach my contract by canceling but God worked it out such that after working one night, I was told by my agency and the Hospitalist group that my Hospital credential had expired by default so I could not work. They needed me to work and tried everything they could to speed up my re-credential but that could not be done in the remaining 6 days of my shifts. At the end, they paid me for a full 7 day shifts when I only worked one day. I had time to finish my revision for exam and also got paid for work not done.
5. praise the lord,i just want to thank God for his goodness and favour upon my life and my family,pastor val said this month is the month of supernatural upgrade,the lord blessed me and my family with a house all paid for,no mortgages.alleluia!
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6. i just want to thank God for using his son pastor val to save my marriage,he gave a prophesy,and God saved my marriage,am enjoying my home,everyday is just so wonderful in the presence of God.
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