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Many have been touched by His miracles! Tell us about yours...

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1. i want to thank God and my pastor for the way God used pastor Val and sister Edith to pray for me on Dec 31st, i was delivered after the prayers.Also, Pastor Val prayed for me and gave me some prayer points when i was preparing for my exam and he instructed me to pray and fast for 7 days from 6am to 3pm through out the 7 day which i did.On the 7th day, i called pastor Val to informed him that,that was the 7th day and that he should pray for me because i will been taking my exam the following day which was on the 15th of Jan.I went to the testing center in the morning because my exam was at 8 am.Haven completed my checking in, i started my exam.The time allocated for the exam was 5 hrs.As i was answering the questions, i was on question number 84 and suddenly i heard a kind of wind blew through my right ear and i shouted HOLY GHOST.After i answered about 3 more questions, the computer shut down saying that i have completed my exam while i still have 3 hrs left.I checked my result,i pass
victory E. E
mesquite, tx
2. Indeed God is in this ministry and I have no doubt that Dr Val is a true servant of the Most High God. On super sunday 17th November 2013 (the same sunday Pastor laid hands on me about my pregnancy and for which I testified) we were asked to write 3 prayer requests that we want God to answer before end of 2013...I did this in faith and to God's glory,God honoured the words of His servant. I asked God for: 1.Safe & uncomplicated natural delivery. This He did on 22nd November and for which I testified. 2.Favour on every side concerning my baby and I. This God did through people I do not know from agreed to an 8mnth payment plan for my sons bill, and to cap it off God raised someone to take care of my baby's doctors bill. 3.Promotion at work which has been long overdue. God did this on December 31st night...promotion list came out a few hours to midnight and I got a call from a colleague working the night shift at our call center to confirm that my name was there. OA
Ogechi Anike TK-Okonkwo
Lagos Nigeria
3. "Supernatural upgrade, I am a witness" The Lord used our Pastor to declare August '11 a month of Supernatural upgrade taken from 1 sam 2:8 and of a truth, the Lord fulfilled His word. I got a permanent job of my choice which allows me more time to (a) Worship the Lord, (b) Spent time with my wife and children (c) Earn more money than I used to before and finally (d) Have a better work environment and co-workers. God certainly fulfilled his word spoken through His servant and Pastor of our Church Val Egbudiwe.
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