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2015 General Prophecies

Prophecies for the Year 2015

        As presented to the congregation by Dr. Val on December 31, 2014
                                   Chapel of Revival and Miracles
                                             2015 - Year of ‘Blooming in a New Dimension’’
Scripture for the Year
Isaiah 35:1-2 - “The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad...,And the desert shall rejoice and blossom... abundantly”.

2015 Daily Confession: My entire life is blooming with favor and grace in a new dimension. The splendor, greatness and power of God, the Great Shepherd are all upon me. He has given strength to my hands. I am therefore strong and not tired. God has rescued me from the plans of my enemies. I will reach my goals with gladness this year. I am free from sorrow and grief for I am happy in the Lord forever. Amen!

Thus says the Lord, -  ‘Behold my servant, I am Jehovah God the Burden Bearer. I created the whole universe and no one created me. I sent my Son, Jesus Christ to come and die for the sake of my people that they may have life and have it in abundance. Behold 2015 shall witness great grace among my chosen servants and as many as will obey and keep my commandments. I will cause as many as follow me in truth to blossom this year in all they do. Behold, make me your Shepherd and Guide in everything you do this year. My child, hearken unto my voice that it may be well with you. 2014 has come and gone and many who fell along the way in fulfilling their New Year resolutions missed so many blessings to the devil. Will there be a change and commitment to my cause this year? Ask yourself my child. I will now raise my people to greater status; greater than that which they once lived. The secret for greatness and success this year is meditation of my Words. Behold I come quickly...’. ’.


1.  I will come in different ways to bless the church and the members this year. A new outlook has been designed for the church in Heaven and it shall be made manifest soon.
2. 2014 was very rough financially for so many people in the church but this year I will open new doors to bring financial blessings and joy to my children.
3. Three members of the church shall experience extra-ordinary blessings this year for their support to my servant and the church.
4. I will bless two people with the fruit of the womb this year.
5. I have released the blessings of marriages to the church in 2015.
6. Jehovah Nissi is my name. I live forever. I shall guide and remove sickness from my children and cover them all with my wings.
7. I will reward all those that show generosity to my servant, support my work as well as for righteous and holy living.
8. All those who feel their dreams have died will come up with new energies and experience great testimonies this year.
9. Those who have been in the category of 'not enough' are moving to the level of 'more than enough' this year.
10. Many abandoned projects shall be completed this year.
11. Many who have lost their inheritance or suffered great losses and setbacks in previous years shall experience restoration in 2015.

More to be given at the monthly Possessing the Gate prayers.

1.    Even though nations shall rise against nations this year, the rising storm of the devil shall be overpowered by the power of peace that I am sending to the world.
2.    God is calling on His people to get ready for the great harvest that is about to come because many shall come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ this year.
3.    Pray against harsh weather this year including massive earthquakes and hurricanes in diverse places.
4.    Certain deadly diseases including Ebola shall become past stories as there shall be new discoveries in medical sciences that will challenge outrageous sicknesses that has engulfed the world.
5.    Pray against the spirit of violent deaths in diverse places including shootings for hell and Hades have enlarged their tents to receive the ungodly.
6.    There shall be gradual economic recovery among nations including the USA.

Thus says the Lord "I am coming soon. Hearken unto my voice and repent for nothing is hidden from me says the Lord of hosts"

    More to be given at the monthly Possessing the Gate prayers.