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Special Offer! - 'The Midnight Gate'
Now Out –
‘The Midnight Gate’ – How to Open Heaven’s Door and Bring Desired Results to Your Prayers.
By Val Egbudiwe

Prayer is not supposed to be a frustrating spiritual activity because God is very willing to answer your prayers. Do you want to receive your desired results when you pray? There are needed ingredients for your prayers and obstacles that need to give way to grant you the desired results when you pray.
•    Your TIME of prayer is pertinent.
•    The WORDS of your prayer are critical.

This book will reveal to you, what time to pray and how to pray to get the door of heaven opened with the manifestation of the desired answers to your prayers.

Price: $9.99 only. To order, click on Online Store


“The Kingdom of God on earth is definitely blessed with the awesome revelation contained in this ground breaking book!  This is not just a book; it is much more: a training manual suitable for use by individuals, families, small groups as well as in churches and Para church groups to pray effectively and war against the kingdom of darkness”.
Apostle George Akalonu
International Coordinator
International Ministers Fellowship, Inc.
London, UK .

“The Christian book shelves are full of writings on the topic of prayer, but very few are as insightful and strategic as “The Midnight Gate” by Evangelist Val Egbudiwe.  “The Midnight Gate” is a great tool for us as followers of Jesus Christ to accomplish the mandate that is put before us.  I do believe if you read and study this book it will not only revolutionize your prayer life, but revolutionize our world”!
Ken Straight, Pastor
Mackinac Island Bible Church
Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA.

“In this book ‘The Midnight Gate’, the author, Evangelist Val makes sincere spirited efforts for you to understand the importance of gates and how you can take advantage of them especially the midnight”.
Dr. Humphrey Erumaka,
General Overseer,
Wordbase Assembly,
Lagos, Nigeria.

“‘The Midnight Gate’ is a powerful and insightful tool to be utilized by the end time Christian warriors that make up the body of Christ.  It will minister to every Christian that has called out to God with a desire for a deeper and more fulfilling prayer life. It meets each person right where he or she may be in their relationship with the Lord. It is written in a manner that is authoritative, yet loving, and will most certainly challenge each and every reader to get “violent in the spirit” and take back what the devil has stolen”.
Apostle Reginald A. Carson, Senior Pastor
God’s House of Miracles Church,
Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

“THE MIDNIGHT GATE by Evangelist Val Egbudiwe, is a manifestation of the prophetic shift that God has made in His Church, as it pertains to prayer. It is a virtual manual that takes the reader through a step by step process that will remove the darkness of ignorance from his mind by shedding the light of fresh revelation upon the screen of his spirit. The child of God who will put these instructions into practice will lead a more successful life both spiritually and naturally. This book will be used by God to liberate His people from bondage of begging prayers and the frustration of unanswered petitions. I declare that, by virtue of Evangelist Val writing this book under the unction of Holy Spirit by virtue of a download of the mind of God, He is not only an Evangelist but also a Prophet, endued with an apostolic authority”.
Apostle Emanuel Vivian Duncan
Divine Destiny Worship Centre
Trinidad W.I.